With the cost of medical care rapidly increasing and insurance costs also rising paying for medical care is a real concern for most people.

The cost of hospice care is covered by Medicare, Medicaid (in Indiana) and many insurance companies.  These payment sources reimburse hospices at a set amount for each day a patient is enrolled in the hospice program.  Occasionally the cost of treatment exceeds the reimbursement amount, causing some hospices to refuse to cover certain expensive treatments, or to refuse to admit some patients to their programs at all.

At Spencer County Hospice we admit all qualified patients, regardless of the cost of their treatments, or if they have the ability to pay for hospice care or not. 

We are a not-for-profit organization and receive funds from United Way and from our generous community in the form of donations, memorial gifts and grants.  Another very important reason Spencer County Hospice is able to provide services to all qualified patients is our volunteers.  We have many professional and lay volunteers who selflessly donate their valuable time to our patients.  This allows us to provide the care our patients require without concern for whether they have insurance coverage or not.