Services provided by hospice are many and varied. All services are provided after first obtaining the approval of the patient’s doctor.

Services provided by nurses include physical assessment, medication management, wound care and serving as liaison between the patient and their doctor.  Regularly scheduled visits are made to the client by the nurses.  The frequency of the visits is agreed upon by the nurse and the patient based on the patient’s needs.  At Spencer County Hospice our registered nurses also provide physical care (bathing, skin care, dressing, etc.), and we also have a registered nurse on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to answer any questions or make visits as necessary between regularly scheduled visits.

Medical social services and counseling services are offered on a regularly scheduled basis. The medical social worker accesses the patient and their family to discover any social needs not being met, and to find assistance to meet those needs.  Counseling services are available to help meet the spiritual and emotional needs of the patient and their family.

Patient therapy (physical, occupational and speech), medications, medical supplies and equipment, and respite care are all available through hospice.  These services and items are obtained by the hospice at no cost to the patients. The need for these items must be related to the client’s terminal diagnosis.

Respite care is an important service provided by hospice volunteers.  Respite care can consist of a volunteer staying with a patient for a few hours, or to the patient entering a skilled nursing facility for a few days. Respite care allows a patient’s caregivers to have some time to care for themselves.  They can take a nap, visit with friends, go shopping, attend a wedding out of town, or do what ever they need.  This makes care giving easier and helps relieve the stress that often goes along with it.